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Red River Women's Clinic is hiring in a number of positions:


We are looking for either an LPN or RN to work one day per week on Wednesdays. The right candidate will be kind, compassionate and able to adequately make nursing assessments while assisting the physician. Duties include administering pre-operative medications, rooming patients for physician encounters and to monitor patients in an out-patient recovery room. Ability to multi-task and manage multiple patients at once while maintaining a caring attitude is a must.


We are looking for a Healthcare Support Worker to work one day per week on Wednesdays. The right candidate will have the ability to multi-task, create a welcoming, supportive environment for our patients all while keeping up with a busy pace. Must be pro-choice, calm, kind and have excellent organizational skills. Prior work experience in a confidential healthcare setting preferred. Job duties: welcoming patients to the clinic, guiding them through the process of paperwork & steps along the appointment and processing patient charts.


The right candidate will demonstrate excellent phlebotomy skills while being compassionate and able to manage nervous/anxious patients. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining the highest quality control standards are a must.

To apply, send a letter of interest, resume & references to:

512 First Avenue North
Fargo, ND  58102

Phone inquiries discouraged.

Red River Women's Clinic is a feminist, compassionate, team oriented workplace that thrives on staff input and support.


e-mail us at: info@RedRiverWomensClinic.com