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Emergency Contraception (EC) is sometimes mistaken for the abortion pill, or Mifeprex.  EC will NOT end a pregnancy. If you are looking for information on the abortion pill, please visit our Medication Abortion page.

Red River Women's Clinic is now offering the generic form of emergency contraception over the counter for anyone 17 or older with proper ID for the low price of $35. Brand name EC is an average of $55-$65 in local pharmacies.

Emergency contraception (EC), or the “morning-after pill,” is a dosage of pills that can be taken up to 5 days after intercourse. If EC is administered within the first 24 hours, it is more likely to effectively prevent a pregnancy from occurring. Emergency contraception does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is also not recommended that EC be used as your primary form of birth control, but as a back up when other options of contraception are not available. 

Emergency contraception pills contain the two hormones most commonly found in birth control pills: estrogen and progestin. Just like birth control pills, emergency contraception can prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg, stop or delay ovulation, and can prevent a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the lining in your uterus.

If emergency contraception is taken within the first 24 hours following intercourse, there is a greater chance that a pregnancy will be prevented.  However, you can take EC up to 5 days after intercourse and still effectively prevent a pregnancy. The sooner you take the pills, the greater your chances are at preventing a pregnancy from occurring.


Red River Women's Clinic is now offering the generic Emergency Contraception (Levonorgestrel 1.5mg Tablet) for $35

This generic option is available over the counter for those 17 years and older on a walk in basis at our facility.

Brand name emergency contraception or Plan B was just approved for over the counter use - however, it may take some time for pharmacies to catch up with the ruling.  At this point - please call the pharmacy you wish to visit & ask them if they carry emergency contraception.  You may still have to ask for it at the pharmacy and may have to show ID. 


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