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Abortion is STILL legal in the state of North Dakota. 

Red River Women's Clinic is OPEN, available for appointments and

LEGALLY performing abortions in the state of North Dakota.

The ND Legislature has passed numerous bills that have threatened women's reproductive rights in the state of North Dakota. Red River Women's Clinic will continue to do everything in our power to keep our doors open. We are pleased to report that the Center for Reproductive Rights has vowed to fight for Red River Women's Clinic.


In 2011, HB 1297 was passed. This bill called for restrictions on how medication abortion can be offered. In mid-April, 2013, a 3 day trial was held in Cass County District Court to stop these restrictions. The judge ruled in late July that all provisions of HB 1297 that relate to medication abortion are unconstitutional and permanently enjoined the restrictions from going into effect. The State of North Dakota appealed this decision to the ND Supreme Court.  This appeal was held in front of the ND Supreme Court on 12/11/2013. On Tuesday, October 28th, 2014, the ND Supreme Court overturned the lower court ruling and let HB 1297 take effect. UPDATE: On March 30, 2016, the FDA approved a new label for the abortion pill, nullifying the provisions of HB 1297 that affected the administration of medication abortions. Medication abortion is now available for women in North Dakota up to 10 weeks 0 days, and generally, only one trip to the clinic is needed to complete the process.


Red River Women's Clinic physicians have obtained the admitting privileges required by SB 2305. We have negotiated a settlement with the state of ND that states that they will maintain those privileges as long as required by law. If their privileges are revoked or not renewed, a new lawsuit may be filed at that time. This back door attempt to close our doors was unsuccessful, and we will continue to push back against challenges such as these.


On Tuesday, June 25th, 2013, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging HB 1456 - which is a pre-viability ban that bans abortions when a detectable heartbeat can be found.  This law, when passed, became the earliest and most restrictive abortion law in the United States.

On Wednesday, April 16th, Federal District Court Judge Daniel Hovland permanently enjoined HB 1456 from becoming law. On Tuesday, January 13th, 2015, this case was argued in front of a 3 judge panel of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. On July 22nd, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the District Court Judge's ruling. The North Dakota Attorney General appealed the 8the Circuit decision to the United States Supreme Court in the fall of 2015. In January, 2016, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the case - meaning the 8th Circuit decision stands and the law is not valid.


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Want to help with the lengthy, costly legal battle?  You can donate your tax deductible contribution to the Center for Reproductive Rights and earmark your donation for North Dakota OR you can send the clinic a contribution that will be used for legal defense.  Please note that RRWC is not a 501c3, so your contribution is not a tax deductible donation. 

You can log on to Pay Pal and email a payment to the clinic right now:

Go to your PayPal account & click on the Send Money tab

Insert the Red River Women's Clinic email - legaldefense@RedRiverWomensClinic.com

Enter the amount you wish to donate - then click on "I'm sending money to family or friends"

Red River Women's Clinic will receive your contribution through PayPal.

If you are so moved to send a check today - please send to us at 512 1st Avenue North, Fargo, ND  58102.

You can also call the clinic to process a payment over the phone through a credit card - 701-298-9999.  Just tell us you want to make a donation & we will process it via our square reader. 

Any donations made through the Network for Good site on our Funding page is for the ND Women in Need Abortion Access Fund - which goes to help our patients pay for their services.

e-mail us at: info@RedRiverWomensClinic.com